CU Times “Email is much more dangerous than you think.”


CU Times “Email is much more dangerous than you think.”

If you happened to catch the recent article in the Credit Union Times, “Securing Email is Idea to Bank On,” you might be feeling a bit nervous about the security of your current email system. “These are dangerous times for electronic communications,” states Coutts. Btech recognizes email as one of the greatest security threats to your credit union and we want to ensure that you’re properly protected.

Spam is No Longer “Just an Inconvenience”

Simply allowing the spammers to deliver an email into your mailbox is a major threat. They can successfully infect your computer whether you open the email or not. The only way to prevent the threat is to stop the spam.

Confidentiality is Important to Your Members

How do you think your members would feel knowing that the email conversations they have with you in confidence can be viewed by anyone? Encrypting your email is crucial to maintaining trust and confidentiality.

Don’t Get Blocklisted

Btech recently worked with a credit union that opted to have no email security. It was just a matter of time before they were placed on the email blocklist.

  • What is the Blocklist? Spamhaus is an organization that “works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide.” They create a list of known spammers and ensure their emails cannot be delivered. Once you’ve been placed on the blocklist, your entire company will be labeled as spammers and no premium email hosting provider will allow your messages to be delivered. Big problem right?
  • How do you become Blocklisted? If your email isn’t secure, then the “real” spammers can use your email address to send spam to all your contacts. At some point, we’ve all received a spam email from someone we know. Can you imagine if those spam messages were coming from your credit union and being sent to your members?

The blocklisted credit union came to Btech for help and we quickly removed them from the blocklist and secured their email to prevent this from happening in the future. Don’t wait until your email is compromised; contact Btech before the threat becomes a reality.

How Btech Can Help

As long as you’ve got the right tools, securing your email is easy and doesn’t require any hardware or software. Btech uses hosted solutions from industry leading vendors to secure your email platforms for as little as $5 per user per month. Talk to us today and we can have your email secured and encrypted in no time.

Source Article: “Securing Email is Idea to Bank On”by Andy Coutts, Credit Union Times.

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