Configuring and installing a new firewall is not enough to protect your financial institution.

Btech’s Managed Firewall service uses state of the art, next generation hardware with software security licensing that provides enhanced security services like deep-packet inspection and zero-day threat protection. In addition, a security specialist is monitoring your firewall, maintaining it with the latest updates, and providing you with detailed reports and logs on your firewall’s status. Our security experts will also work with you and your core-system vendor to design the proper firewall implementation, including the use of dmzs.

Btech’s Managed Firewall service includes a monthly status report that contains everything from virus attacks and intrusion attempts to web activity and internet usage. Take the guided tour of our Firewall Reports by downloading the Sample Firewall Report below.

Many regulatory agencies require that financial institutions create and analyze firewall logs. Btech’s firewall ruleset audits ensure that your firewall is properly configured and operational.

Our Managed Firewall service also includes an optional secure VPN service for point-to-point VPNs, secure VPNs to vendors, and remote access VPNs. All of our VPN options also include multi-factor authentication and detailed logging of VPN access and activity.

  • Internet-Activity

    Internet Activity

To promote a safe and healthy work environment, financial institutions are now enforcing usage policies. Our Internet Activity service can report on Internet usage, including who is going to what web sites and how long they are staying there. Enforcement policies can also be established to prevent users from accessing inappropriate web sites such as pornography, hate, or gambling.

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