Mobile Device Management

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Quickly Deploy and Support Mobile Devices In The Enterprise

IT organizations today need visibility into and control over the mobile devices that are entering the enterprise, whether they are employee owned or provided by the corporation. Btech’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) service provides a comprehensive set of capabilities so you can quickly and easily configure devices for enterprise access and ensure that the corporate data stored on all devices is secure.

Btech’s Mobile Device Management service is powered by MaaS360


Btech’s Mobile Device Management service is powered by MaaS360, an IBM Company is the trusted enterprise mobility management solution to more than 5,000 customers worldwide — from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. They make working in a mobile world simple and safe by delivering comprehensive mobile security and management for applications, documents, email, and devices.

Btech’s MDM streamlines the configuration and device enrollment process using SMS, email or URL to make life simple for IT and mobile employees. Device enrollment takes just minutes instead of hours. Btech discovers new users and devices, and allows IT to launch a simple end-user self-service OTA enrollment process.

Supporting mobile workers requires a 24×7 operation that’s always on. Btech’s MDM provides robust help desk capabilities for support procedures such as locating a device with GPS, resetting a user’s passcode and sending a direct message to a device. Btech also provides an end-user support portal that allows users to self-manage basic tasks, such as wiping or resetting the password on a lost device.

Btech’s MDM provides a unified management console for all mobile devices with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms. Through automated workflows, IT can discover, enroll, manage and report on all enterprise-wide devices. In addition, role-based portal rights allow you to expand or restrict access to authorized users.

Btech’s MDM provides dynamic, end-to-end security and compliance management capabilities for your devices. Enforcement of passcode policies and strong encryption keys protects sensitive business and personal data on mobile devices. Through real-time compliance management, you can detect when users opt out of your MDM program, install prohibited applications or initiate SIM changes. Based on this information, you can take automated policy actions, such as messaging the user, blocking email or even wiping the corporate data from the device.

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