Credit Union Targeted with DDoS Attack

NACFU’s Warning About DDoS Attacks

Dan Berger, the Executive VP of Government Affairs at the NAFCU, is speaking out to advise credit unions to take the proper measures to protect their members.  “Burden of proof for lack of fault in data breaches should lie on retailers,” suggests Berger.  Your members are trusting that you will “make a minimal effort to protect them from such risks.”  However, as Berger points out, “unfortunately, this is not always true.”1

According to the Credit Union Times Threat of the Week: DDoS Back at You, “99% of credit unions do not have DDoS protection.”  Although you may not be thinking about this now, “within five years most credit unions over $200 million in assets will have DDoS tools in place.”2Why?  Because as today’s article discusses, Threat of the Week: DDoS for Hire on the Rise, the threat continues to grow every day. Some of your fellow credit unions have already been hit and their security severely compromised. It’s only a matter of time before your credit union is targeted.

Even if you have tools in place, it’s time to reevaluate their effectiveness in today’s ever-changing threat landscape. Don’t wait until a DDoS attack becomes too close for comfort; make sure you partner with a company like Btech that is going to provide you with the most up-to-date security.

Btech’s DDoS Related Services

  • External Vulnerability Assessment Want to know where your external deficiencies lie?  Our expert technicians will scan your network to identify the weaknesses attackers could take advantage of.
  • Managed Firewall Is your current firewall doing all that it can?  Modern firewall solutions, like the one offered by Btech, do more than just static security.
    • Deep Packet Inspection. Our firewalls analyze every bit of content for malicious intent regardless of how they are labeled.
    • Zero Day Protection. Often, before you’ll even hear about a threat, our firewall is already updated & ready to defend against it; just like it was prepared for the May 7th DDoS attack.
  • Email Security Email is a common way for hackers to gain access to your credit union. Our solutions will thoroughly check each email before delivery to ensure they are safe.  To learn more, read our newsletter on Email Security.

To see a full list of the services Btech offers, click here.

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