The SCCUA Conference is a Hit

Btech just returned from the 2013 SCCUA (Southern California Credit Union Alliance) Collaboration Conference and we were once again reminded of why, since 1989, we have chosen to work exclusively with credit unions. Conferences like this show the unique spirit of credit unions that cannot be found in any other industry. We witnessed an abundance of shared ideas and genuine advice over the past couple days and that makes us proud to be a business partner of the SCCUA.

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If you are not a member of the SCCUA, we recommend that you learn more about this great organization whose sole purpose is to encourage credit unions to work together and help one another succeed.

Btech has sponsored the SCCUA since it’s foundation and we provide IT security services to many of it’s members. Last year, 80% of Btech’s new clients came from referrals and we have organizations like the SCCUA to thank for that. We are a great supporter of collaboration and we hope you will think of us when sharing your next big idea.

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