160 Million Credit Card Numbers Stolen – The Largest Data Heist in US History

By now, you’ve probably heard about the crack-down on the largest data heist in US history.  But, what you may not have heard is how this band of cybercriminals was able to steal more than 160 million credit card numbers.  It’s not as difficult as you may think:

The hackers used Structured Query Language (“SQL”) Injection Attacks on known vulnerabilities within a file server to gain unauthorized access to a database of credit card information.  Software companies are continuously releasing patches to fix these known vulnerabilities.  However, when companies do not install the most recent patches they are leaving obvious openings for hackers to exploit.  Often, there is no need for a hacker to waste their time finding new vulnerabilities when the preexisting ones are left unpatched.  Don’t let your credit union be the easy target.

Mitigate your known deficiencies through the use ofpatch management, frequent vulnerability assessments, and a managed firewall.  If you have these security tools in place, the likelihood that a hacker will target you drops significantly.

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