Preparing for a Successful IT Regulatory Exam

A recent article in the Credit Union Times discussed the following 8 steps to a successful IT exam:

    1. Resolve any prior written examination findings
  1. Resolve any prior verbal observations
  2. Complete your IT audit at least 90 days before an exam
  3. Update and board-approve all policies
  4. Complete all awareness training
  5. Show your work (documentation)
  6. Management involvement
  7. Complete any testing

Many of these steps require help from an outside vendor who can help you meet compliance regulations and provide validation of the service through proper reporting and documentation.

Btech has been working with credit unions for over 20 years.  We understand the level of service you require better than any other IT security vendor.  If you have an IT exam coming up, follow the steps to a successful IT exam and talk to Btech about how we can help you prepare.

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