VIRUS ALERT: Important Message from Btech about the CryptoLocker Virus


VIRUS ALERT: Important Message from Btech about the CryptoLocker Virus

We have an important message about a recent ransom-ware virus that has been infecting computers and causing severe damage to many businesses world-wide. This virus, called the CryptoLocker Virus, is able to encrypt important files on your computer and render them inaccessible until you agree to pay a ransom. If you do not pay the ransom in a specified time frame, all of your files will be permanently deleted. Currently the encryption is unbreakable.

However, just because the encryption is unbreakable doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways around this virus. As long as you have the following security practices in place, you should be able to defend or restore against the CryptoLocker virus:

1. Data Backup. We cannot stress enough the importance of a reliable data backup that supports file revisions and offsite data storage. If you were to be infected by the CryptoLocker, you can simply restore your files without having to pay the ransom. We recommend EVault as an affordable and reliable data backup solution.

2. Antivirus Software. Your company should be protected by an up to date antivirus client to defend against viruses like the CryptoLocker. Btech can help you find the right antivirus software for your IT environment.

3. Email Security. Email is the most common way for viruses to infect your computer. Never open an attachment from an unknown source and never click on links within an unexpected email. The best way to prevent these suspicious emails from entering your mailbox is to use a service that will block spam and secure your email. Btech can provide you with hosted email security solutions from industry leading vendors.

4. Managed Firewall. When all else fails, having an effective firewall in place will limit your exposure to security threats significantly. Firewalls defend against external and internal threats by allowing you to enforce web and software restrictions company-wide. Btech’s managed firewall service is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and deep packet inspection.

The more layers of security you have on your network, the less chance a virus like the CryptoLocker will harm your company. If you are missing any of the security measures mentioned above, we urge you to speak to Btech right away before the CryptoLocker finds its way into your company. To improve your businesses workflow, deciding to network automate a range of tasks, making protocol routing, firewall changes and the inclusion of new operations requiring less human input than before could greatly increase efficiency.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this important security threat. For more information regarding the CryptoLocker virus click here.


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