Why Mobile Devices are a Huge Security Threat


Why Mobile Devices are a Huge Security Threat

“51% (of surveyed employees) stated they would contravene any policy in place banning the use of personal devices at work or for work purposes.”

– Credit Union Times Threat of the Week: When BYOD Gets Ugly

That’s right, more than half of your employees are going to access credit union information on their personal phones or tablets even if you order them not to. On top of that “63% of responding IT executives admit they did not even try to limit the ability of employees to access company data” on personal devices. This means that most likely many of your employees are carrying around very sensitive member information on their unsecured mobile devices. As times are increasingly moving towards mobility, it is no longer enough to secure your network; you must look to secure any information that leaves your network as well. This is the reason many security companies such as Fleetsmith now build device security software for business devices, while also streamlining many tasks such as adding applications and settings to employee devices automatically.

As the Credit Union Times article discusses, an effective way to manage your corporate information on an employee’s personal device is through Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM creates a secure and encrypted environment on mobile devices where employees can access corporate information and IT administrators can maintain complete control over that information. Without interrupting a user’s personal device, corporate data and email can be managed remotely to ensure security and privacy of member information.


With monthly service fees starting at only $12.50 per user per month*, Btech’s MDM solution is very affordable, and is a fully integrated cloud platform with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile device, applications and documents. In just a few clicks, IT administrators can start enrolling devices and immediately manage the entire mobile device lifecycle – from enrollment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, and analytics and reporting.

Talk to Btech today about how to get started with MDM at 626-397-1045 or email leebird@btechonline.com.

*Minimum 10 users

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