The Real Lesson from the Target Breach

You’ve heard us preach about the importance of having preventative measures in place to protect your network from security threats. However, a point that may have gone unnoticed is the importance of having tools in place so that you are aware of what goes on inside your network. The most well-known and relevant example to prove this point is the recent report released by Target stating that their data breach affected 70 million accounts rather than their original estimate of 40 million accounts. How did Target not know the extent of the breach when it was initially disclosed?

Data breaches do happen, even to the most well-protected companies. Without the proper technology in place to monitor your environment, there is risk not just in the event itself, but also in the lack of knowledge surrounding the event. Once a data breach occurs, you need to know exactly where the breach occurred, what it affected, and how to fix it. With network monitoring in place, you will have the answers to these questions quickly and easily. In the case of Target, it could take them months before they can accurately report on the full extent of their data breach. Until they know the full extent, they cannot begin to correct the damage. Learn more about Target’s Data Breach»

Network monitoring using something similar to a network monitoring application is like have a security camera in your network, watching and recording every move that is made. But what good is a security camera if it is installed after the crime has occurred? Btech offers several network monitoring solutions that can start recording your network in no time:

SYSLOG Reporting: Detailed system logs track all user access, object access, system events, and logon attempts that occur within your network. Btech’s SYSLOG reporting tool gathers the SYSLOG information from all SNMP capable network devices, and formats it into one, easy to read report. See a sample SYSLOG Report»

Managed Firewall: Btech’s managed firewall does more than offer state-of-the-art hardware and deep-packet inspection. It also has the capability to track all web activity, VPN usage, intrusion attempts, virus attempts, spyware attempts, and internet attacks. See a sample Firewall Report»

Email Archiving: Our Hosted Email Archiving Solution ensures that all email messages are securely archived to meet compliance regulations.

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