Encrypted Data Backup for Credit Unions

EVault is the industry leader in credit union data security and disaster recovery solutions.  With the recent introduction of several new upgrades and enhancements to their technology and services starting at under $100 per month, there has never been a better time to consider EVault.

The Benefits of EVault for Credit Unions:

Security of Data

The last thing you want is your member’s information getting into the wrong hands.  Other methods of backup, such as tape, are often not encrypted and require handling by several people before they arrive in a secure environment.  Any one of those hands along the way could be a potential security threat.  EVault does not require user intervention.  No one, not even EVault, can access your credit union’s data unless they have your encryption password.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Whether your credit union adheres to the NCUA, DFI, GLBA, SOX, or FFIEC, EVault will allow you to pass compliance audits seamlessly.  In fact, some of the regulatory bodies use EVault by name as the industry standard for data backup service.  EVault is SSAE-16 certified and provides full vendor due-diligence. Click here to see the 2013 DFI survey that references EVault.

Disaster Recovery

You never know what sort of disaster is lurking around the corner.  EVault’s on-site and cloud-based solutions allow for easy data recovery that ensures business continuity and a rapid return to operations.

NEW Offerings from EVault:

EVault SaaS (Cloud Data Backup)

  • *NEW* Affordable appliances for local storage in addition to cloud storage.
  • *NEW* Affordable pricing with simple 1 year agreements.

EVault Software

  • EVault 7: The Next-Generation Cloud-Connected Platform.
    • *NEW* Enhanced VMware vSphere Backups
    • *NEW* Agents for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint
    • *NEW* Capacity-Based Licensing (available for new and existing customers)
      • Unlimited Agents
      • Reduced Software Support Costs
    • *NEW* Plug-n-Protect Appliances with Linear Pricing

With over 100 EVault implementations for credit unions under our belt, you can trust Btech to provide quick installation and comprehensive management of your EVault solution.  Talk to us today about getting started at 626-397-1045.

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