Windows XP & Office 2003 Support ends in 2 months


Windows XP & Office 2003 Support ends in 2 months

Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 – Support Ends April 8, 2014

Are you still using Windows XP SP3 or Office 2003 and have not started the migration to a modern desktop?

If you answered yes, you may not meet the April 8, 2014 deadline. Full deployment can take anywhere from 18 to 32 months.

Whether you’ve begun your migration or not, Btech can help ensure a smooth and secure transition for your credit union.

Why do I need Support?

No support means no new security updates. Without these updates, your environment will be exposed to many security and compliance risks. Not only will you be vulnerable to viruses, attacks, or other intrusions, you may also be facing repercussions from the regulatory bodies such as the DFI or NCUA.

What are my Options?

Windows 7

Windows 8

Office 365

Microsoft Exchange Online and Office 365

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Microsoft Exchange Online allows you easily maintain control over your email communications and user accounts through an intuitive admin portal. It also increases productivity through mobile cloud access that is secure and compliant. Office 365 provides access to your Office programs, documents and tools from anywhere. Btech offers full migration services for Hosted Exchange and Office 365 from provisioning to migration to post-migration support. If you are interested in learning more about SharePoint migration, you may want to visit a company similar to Cognillo to find out more.

Learn how Office 365 has helped credit unions increase productivity and stay compliant here. To view a complete list of how Office 365 meets compliance regulations visit the Office 365 Trust Center.

Monthly service fees start at $4.00 user/month for Microsoft Exchange Online and go up to $20.00 user/month for the full Office suite that includes Microsoft Exchange Online, Office Professional Plus, Lync, SharePoint and more. Compare Plans »

How do I begin my Migration?

The steps necessary for a proper migration will depend on your current environment. Btech’s Senior Engineers will analyze your environment to determine the appropriate plan of action and quickly begin the implementation. Btech makes it easy through years of experience working with credit unions and hundreds of successful migrations under our belt. If you’re considering a migration, you may also want to look at potentially beneficial sharepoint consulting services available so your companies employees can become familiar with new features within newer versions.
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