No fooling – the end of XP is here

XP End is Here
It may be April Fool’s Day, but no one is joking when it comes to the end of life for Microsoft’s Windows XP.  The April 8th deadline is here! Is your credit union still running Windows XP or Office 2003?  If so, this is your last chance to mitigate your risks before it’s too late.

Why You Need to Migrate

As the Credit Union Times explains, we must presume that “cyber criminals have been stockpiling exploits – counting down to Microsoft’s end of support – and they will release them after Microsoft’s final patch.”1 If that isn’t enough, the FFIEC, NCUA, and other regulatory bodies are urging credit unions to move away from Windows XP as soon as possible to avoid future compromises and fines.2

Migrating your credit union from Windows XP can be a painful and expensive task.  That’s why it is estimated that 40-60% of credit unions haven’t done it yet.  Btech is here to help make the process go smoothly.  We offer several solutions to help with the migration:

Not Ready to Abandon XP? Did you know that you can still run Windows XP on Windows 7 or 8?  That’s right, there IS a way you can keep using Windows XP within a secured and supported environment.  Btech can setup a shell within Windows 7 or 8 that can support legacy applications without exposure to threats.

Office 365. Now is a good time to move your current Office environment to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.  Access your Office programs, documents and tools from anywhere.  If you’re wondering if Office 365 meets compliance regulations, the answer is yes.  The cloud is now fully compliant, reliable, and secure. To view a complete list of how Office 365 meets compliance regulations visit the Office 365 Trust Center.

How do I begin my Migration?

The steps necessary for a proper migration will depend on your current environment.  Btech’s Senior Engineers will analyze your environment to determine the appropriate plan of action and quickly begin the implementation. Btech makes it easy through years of experience working with credit unions and hundreds of successful migrations under our belt.

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What are my Options?

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