Your Business Continuity Solution…In the Cloud.

Are you looking for a disaster recovery solution, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on infrastructure and equipment?   Btech has your solution.  The Cloud Disaster Recovery Service by EVault has no infrastructure costs and providesreal-time replication. That means that your critical servers can be recovered in one hour or less!
Cloud disaster recovery service.
1 hour SLA. Guaranteed.
No infrastructure. Don’t waste money and time renting a facility and building out a CoLo facility for your disaster recovery solution.  Utilize a cloud-based server and save on infrastructure costs.
Low setup costs.  With a cloud-based solution, there are low setup costs because there is no infrastructure to purchase. Save on labor and equipment.
Real-time replication.  This service uses real-time replication to store your data in a “hot site” where we can recover it for you in one hour or less.
Zero Downtime.  You have the control to proactively failover your systems (for planned upgrades, maintenance, etc.) whenever you wish.
Compatibility.  This service is compatible with any backup and recovery product, so you can easily and cost-effectively add critical DR protection to your solution already in place.
DR Tests. An annual DR test is included!
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