Is Your Credit Union’s Cyber-Security Approach Proactive or Reactive?

The best defense against cyber security threats is awareness. You must be aware of the vulnerabilities that exist within your network in order to fix them. It’s the vulnerabilities that are exploited in attempts to gain access to your network or data. Penetration Tests (or Vulnerability Assessments) are a great tool for discovering those vulnerabilities that can be exploited; however the tests effectiveness is questionable if they are not performed often enough. Regular network pen testing is best.
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A recent article in the Credit Union Times, “Credit Unions Need to be More Proactive in Cyber Security,” points out that “penetration testing is not being implemented enough to independently serve as a reliable means of security against dynamic, rapidly changing threats.” While nearly 100% of institutions perform penetration tests, only 9% do so quarterly and only 4% do so monthly. If your credit union is not one of the 9% that does penetration tests at least quarterly, you are not doing enough to be proactive against security risks!

Historically, annual penetration tests were enough to defend against hackers. But, in today’s threat landscape, your credit union needs to perform them monthly or at the very least, quarterly. As this article explains, “even a bit of notice can go a long way.”

Btech has been advising our clients about the value of regular Vulnerability Assessments for years, and have included monthly and quarterly tests as part of our managed security services.

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