The Benefits of Cloud Backup for Credit Unions


The Benefits of Cloud Backup for Credit Unions

cloud backupIf you are a credit union, understanding the benefits of cloud backup could save you time, money, and stress. As the market leader in providing affordable IT services for credit unions, Btech understands that there is nothing more important to your credit union than the management and security of your data and member information.

While there are many aspects that we could delve into regarding cloud backup for credit unions,  the Btech team will focus on answering three important questions for credit unions today: 1) what exactly is cloud backup 2) how can credit unions benefit from cloud backup and 3) where could credit unions turn to for cloud backup solutions that are affordable and effective?

What Is Cloud Backup

PC World gives us a good idea of cloud backup. Cloud backup is exactly what it sounds like — your data is stored in an online repository, where it is accessible to you when you need it. Essentially, cloud backup is the easiest way to get the security of off-site backup for your credit unions important files.


It works like this: You download an agent to your servers, select the folders you want to back up, and that data uploads to the service on a set schedule. Then, in the event that a catastrophe such as a Ransomware or accidental data deletion strikes (though we really hope a catastrophe is never the case), you have a clean and up-to-date copy of your data secured on a server in the cloud, all safe and sound.

3 Advantages of Cloud Backup for Credit Unions

As it goes, everything has its benefits, and that includes cloud backup. Idealstor does a pretty swell job in explaining some of the key advantages of having cloud backup. Let us consider four ways that your credit union can benefit from the use of cloud services:


  1. The use of data backup is cost-effective for credit unions because it seamlessly integrates with the infrastructure that is already in place. Once the backup is complete, it stores the encrypted files at an offsite data center. Your credit union will not have to pay for additional physical hardware or server space every time more storage space is needed or an application needs its own dedicated server to run efficiently. Additionally, you will not be responsible for maintaining or upgrading the hardware that is required to run the applications (since that is the application owner’s issue, not yours), which will carry long-term benefits. This whole process takes advantage of cloud technology without requiring your credit union any additional expenses.
  2. The use of a cloud backup is more reliable than other backup data and recovery services. Namely, you can quickly restore lost data at any time or location. Having data in the cloud allows your IT department to have access to their data literally anytime and anywhere. As long as there is access to the Internet, through a computer or a smartphone app, all files are readily available. There is no need to have to travel around with a laptop or go back to the office to see that important file. Likewise, with such high reliability, your employees will be able to focus on their work without worrying about accidentally deleting important files.
  3. Keeping your critical work files protected is an essential function of an IT company. Each file is encrypted before being transmitted to an offsite data center so hackers will be unable to penetrate these files; they will be securely sent from your server to the data center. It also helps that cloud backup does not require an additional time commitment for you or your staff . Computer files are backed up to the cloud automatically and continuously, whenever you are connected to the Internet.

Cloud Options for Credit Unions

When it comes to IT security services for credit unions, Btech is all about security, compliance, and affordability. Some of our services to consider using as a credit union are:


  • System Administration – For credit unions looking to outsource more IT responsibilities, Btech engineers are available to supplement your staff  and credit union in all areas of IT with projects, upgrades, and day-to-day support. Our technical roles and capabilities include Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), System Administrator, and Network Engineer.
  • Vulnerability Assessments & Vulnerability Remediation – Every day, new vulnerabilities are discovered in hardware and software. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by ransomware, malware, viruses, or hackers causing severe damage to your credit union’s environment. Btech will implement vulnerability scanners for frequent vulnerability assessments then our engineers will review the vulnerability reports, consult on the findings, and provide technical remediation services to correct the findings.
  • Managed Firewall & Intrusion Prevention – Configuring and installing a new firewall is not enough to protect your financial institution. Btech’s Managed Firewall service uses state of the art, next generation hardware with software security licensing that provides enhanced security services like deep-packet inspection and zero-day threat protection. A security specialist will also monitor your firewall, maintaining updates and providing detailed reports and logs on its status. Our security experts will also work with you and your core-system vendor to design the proper firewall implementation, including the use of dmzs.
  • Encrypted Data Backups {Datto}. Btech has delivered easy-to-use, compliant solutions that keep data secure, and immediately recoverable while controlling costs thanks to Datto®, data protection service experts. Datto provides on-premise appliances for near real-time recovery, with replication to a private cloud vault for out of region backups. Their disk-to-disk backup and recovery technology, coupled with consulting and educational services, provide credit unions with complete data protection solutions throughout the entire data life cycle.

Where to Go for Cloud Backup Solutions

Btech is the market leader in providing affordable managed IT security services for credit unions. For over 30 years, Btech has worked diligently and professionally to maintain strong client relationships by providing honest, intelligent, and cost-effective services and solutions. We know credit unions and will tailor IT services to ensure that your IT environment is secure and compliant. If you need cloud backup services, contact us today.

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